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Flower Girl Mural Painting

22 May 2015


 May 22, 2015
Flower girl mural painting


Flower Girl is the newest Mural Painting from CRE8TIVE Painting.

The client is opening a new cafe on Yonge Street in Toronto Ontario and wanted a light, colorful image that would brighten the space and tell a story. She also asked that there be a connection to Toronto and Ontario so there are maple leaves in her hair as well as a Trillium flower (Ontario’s official flower) in her hair.

The cafe’s interior will feature dark wood floors and furniture, there will be a yellow bench seat so this Mural Painting will brighten up the wall and the yellow will compliment the bench. Just out of shot on the right is a window so she’ll be welcoming people on the street.

This mural painting is a departure from our regular styles in that Flower Girl is more then 50% spray paint which is a fast, fun medium to work in.

She stands 4 feet of the ground and is 6 feet high by 30 feet long. Acrylic and spray paint on wall.

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