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20 August 2015


 August 20, 2015


Starry Night Toronto 2015 by Ted Hamer.

This is part of the 2015 Bell Box Mural Program where those ugly brown bell boxes are painted with murals to both discourage tagging and to brighten neighborhoods with public artwork.

The design is an homage to Vincent Van Gogh referencing his works “Starry Night 1889” and “Starry Night over the Rhone 1888”

The back of this Bell Box was a challenge, it has two protruding boxes coming out from the face. They seemed almost like frames to me so I painted another subject close to Van Gogh, sunflowers. Some local residents suggested I paint grass to help the box blend in.

This box is a change in my usual style, I tried to paint in a much looser and impressionistic way.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

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